Sponsoring the Musha-Makes Blog
Sponsoring the Musha-Makes blog is a great, affordable way to promote your blog and/or shop to like-minded, crafting individuals!
Any money made from sponsorship/advertising goes straight back in to helping cover the running costs of Musha-Makes.com – this includes anything from hosting fees, design costs and sourcing new products to being able to run reader giveaways and promotions.

 Advertising with Musha-Makes.com
Do you want to promote your blog/business directly to Musha-Makes.com customers?
Direct Marketing is a great way to reach potential readers/customers and Musha-Makes.com offer a great value plan so that it is an affordable option for everyone.

We charge a nominal amount of 7p per business card/flyer that you supply to us, these will then be dispatched with every Musha-Makes.com order.

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