Saturday, 24 November 2012

Shimmer Baubles

 I love creating Christmas decorations, I always feel really inspired around the festive season and have plenty of DIY's to show you over the coming weeks.

This weekend I've been busy playing with the glass baubles that I stock in the shop. I found some translucent shimmer shred in my packaging stash and thought it would be great to incorporate into a decoration.

It wasn't as straight forward as I was hoping, it's a little bit fiddly to get the strands inside, but once you get the hang of it (it involved a crochet hook and a lot of patience!) it's easy. Once the bauble was 'stuffed' I finished them off with a liberal sprinkle of iridescent star sequins that really catch the light.

I've decided to create a little Etsy shop to showcase and sell some of my creations, I've called it 'Musha-Made'...a little cheesy/predictable but like I've always said  - 'If it's got 'Musha' infront of it, you can guarantee I'm behind it!'

You can find it here or by the Esty tab at the top of the page.
These baubles are the first item to be listed on my shop!


  1. Those are sew cute
    michelle xx

  2. Gorgeous - I have (very old) shop bought ones like this - we used to have 12 and there are only two now. I think I might make myself a few more - the addition of the stars is lovely!

    1. They are fun to make, if a little fiddly! I;m tempted to make more in other colours! x


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