Friday, 26 October 2012

'The Equilibrium of Flight'

Craf-'TEA' Break 
noun [cr, ah, fu - Tee, brae, k]
A craft or crafty pursuit that can be completed in one sitting of tea drinking.
Example - "Today I took a Craf-'TEA Break and made..."

I decided to have a little rummage around in my Crafty Creatives stash today...I should have been tidying my craft area but got a bit distracted by paper and sparkly things!

I pulled out  a sheet of the nautical paper from box 2 and my eyes immediately fell on the word 'equillibrium'. I love words like this, they sound more non-nonsensical the more you say them.

I've been thinking of a few ways to use the wings pendant from Crafty Creatives 4th box and although it's a pretty tentative link I decided to create am 'Equillibrium of Flight' keyring (as you can't have flight without a perfect equilibrium of's a stretch of an interpretation I know!)

I started by  tracing around the glass cabochon to get a rough idea of the shape I'd need to cut, I had to trim it up a little to get it to fit in the pendant. I glued the paper to the pendant base and then placed a small blob of glue in the centre of the paper and pressed the cabochon into place.

 I added a keyring and clasp to the wings pendant and then a jump ring to the bottom loop, attached the 'equillibrium' pendant and Voila!... 

'The Equilibrium of Flight'

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