Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sprinkle, Sparkle, GLITTER!

Who doesn't love playing with glitter early on a Tuesday morning? (Apart from The Boyfriend when he sees the mess I've made...)

I've been busy working away and adding items to the shop, which I'll be showcasing later this week, and perfecting the instructions for my first DIY kit so I thought I deserved a bit of time with a big pot of pink glitter!
One of the things I actually love most about glitter is trying to photograph it, it's so difficult to show the depth and the shimmer but it's the perfect excuse to have a play with it!

I've also re-joined my friends on the CraftsForum.co.uk is you love crafts and aren't a member there already you really should be. Some of my best crafty friends have been made on there and the other members are a wealth of knowledge on all kinds of craft mediums.

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