Sunday, 7 October 2012

Packaging Preparations

I've been working on my first DIY kit for the shop (it's top secret at the moment but will be sharing with you all in early November!) but I've been a bit stuck with how I'm going to package it.
The rest of the kit is pretty much sorted bar some instruction writing, felt cutting and of course the packaging. I can't wait for you to see them them - I think they're adorable and hope you will too!

I decided that pillow boxes were the way to go but I could only find them in plain old white which is a little bit boring, they've got a glossy finish so I couldn't stamp onto them so I decided to dig out my stash of tags and get a bit stamp happy on those instead.

Obviously they'd still look a bit bland even with a tag stuck on the front but by the time I finished colouring these in it was time to start dinner so my packaging preparations will have to continue another day...

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