Sunday, 21 October 2012

Bag Bling

Craf-'TEA' Break 
noun [cr,ah, fu - Tee, brae, k]
A craft or crafty pursuit that can be completed in one sitting of tea drinking.
Example - "Today I took a Craf-'TEA Break and made..."

I am fully suffering from a head cold and sinus infection at the moment so rather than do the hoovering or housework (like I should be before my night shift starts...) I decided I would plonk myself on the sofa, with a cuppa, find something to watch on the Sky planner and play with one of the items from this month Crafty Creatives box!

I've got a lovely bag from Zara that has fortunately seen better days, I recently fixed the lining which had come away from the inside and decided it could do with a bit more TLC.

The silver studs match well with the look of the bag, one of the main reasons I bought it was for it slightly punky/grunge feel so I thought why not grunge it up some more with studs!

They pushed through the fabric really easily and it was just a case of folding closed the little legs with jewellery pliers.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out, not bad for a tea break!


  1. Love it!!I've no idea what to do with my studs!xx

    1. It was one of those moment when I looked at my old 'looking sorry for itself' bag and though...I know how to make this more awesome! Lol x


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